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Jun 27 – White Water Black Gold

Cinema Politica Film Series (6)
#2 – White Water, Black Gold

Cinema Politica Nanaimo is hosting a screening of the award-winning documentary, “White Water, Black Gold” by David Lavallee at Vancouver Island University.  VIU Faculty Association, Vancouver Island Water Watch,  VIU Students for Social Change and Mid-Island Council of Canadians co-sponsor this film.

An audience discussion facilitated by two speakers Sheila Malcolmson, MP for Nanaimo-Ladysmith and Torrance Coste of the Wilderness Committee will follow the film.

Venue: VIU, building 200, room 203
Date: Tuesday, June 27
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: free (by donation)
For information contact Bill Eadie:
250 758 0218

Web site:


“White Water, Black Gold” is an investigative point-of view documentary that follows David Lavallee on his three-year journey across western Canada in search of answers about the activities of the world’s thirstiest oil industry: the Tarsands.

As a mountaineer and hiking guide, David is on the front lines of climate change. Over the past 15 years he has worked in the Columbia Icefields of the Canadian Rockies, and has noticed profound changes in the mountains: climate change is rendering these landscapes unrecognizable.

When David discovers that his province is ramping up growth in an extremely water intensive industry downstream of his beloved ice fields, he is surprised he knows so little about this industry. This necessitates a journey: from ice fields…to oilfields.

In the course of his journey he makes many discoveries: new science shows that water resources in an era of climate change will be increasingly scarce (putting this industry at risk); first nations people living downstream are contracting bizarre cancers; the upgrading of this oil threatens multiple river systems across Canada and the tailings ponds containing the waste by-products of the process threaten to befoul the third largest watershed in the world. Additionally, a planned pipeline across British Columbia brings fresh threats to BC Rivers and the Pacific Ocean.

“White Water, Black Gold” is a sober look at the untold costs (to water and people) associated with developing the second largest deposit of “oil” in the world.


Director: David Lavallée
Editor: Nancy Rosenblum
Cinematographer: Alan Bibby, Pat Morrow & Will Schmidt
Animator: Will Anielwicz
Sound Editor: Luke Martin
Soundtrack Composer: John Tucker-Havelock
Producer: David Lavallee
Narration: Peter Coyote


Apr 7 – Maude Barlow BC Book Tour

Barlow Talks Water in BC

Maude Barlow is coming to BC to launch her latest book Boiling Point: Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse, and Canada’s Water Crisis.

Water is one of the most important issues of our time and will be front and centre leading up to the B.C. election this May. Boiling Point is a timely and insightful guide for residents, election candidates, elected officials and environmental organizations seeking to protect freshwater in the province and in Indigenous communities, leading up to the B.C. election on Tuesday May 9, 2017. Hear about issues such as the Kinder Morgan pipeline, the Site C dam, bottled water takings, fracking, NAFTA and gutted water legislation.

Maude Barlow Speaking on BC’s Water Crisis in Nanaimo


WHEN: Friday, April 7, 2017 at 6:30 pm – doors open at 6:00 pm

WHERE: Bowen Park Auditorium, 500 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo

MORE INFO: Bill Eadie, Mid-Island Council of Canadians, 250-758-0218

COST: By Donation

Tour Dates & Cities


  • Comox – April 6
  • Nanaimo – April 7
  • Victoria – April 8
  • Williams Lake – April 10
  • Kamloops – April 11




Apr 8 – Shiv Chopra TPP Tour

Speaking & Discussion Multi-Chapter Event

Keynote speaker, Shiv Chopra with guest speakers Paul Manly and Brenda Sayers, as moderated by Dirk Becker, will explain how the TPP affects you and answer questions afterward.

shiv-event-poster-nanaimoFacebook Event

  • When: April 8th at 7pm
  • Where: Bowen Park Auditorium, 500 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, BC
  • What: TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) & ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement)
  • Who: Dr. Shiv Chopra, Paul Manly, Brenda Sayers, Dirk Becker
  • Why: Canadians need to know how this trade agreement threat will affect them, because it’s not just about the BGH and our milk. It’s about taking control back from corporations in regards to our Sovereignty, Jobs, Health, Food, Environment & Transparency…all in our own back yards.

dr-shiv-chopra-4x3Dr. Shiv Chopra is a world renowned scientist whose credentials include a Ph.D. in microbiology.  He is the recipient of numerous academic awards, including a Fellowship of the World Health Organization.  Over the years, Dr. Chopra’s name has become synonymous with global food security.  Employed as a senior scientific advisor at the Canadian ministry of health (1969-2004), he refused to approve various harmful drugs for food-producing animals.  He endured disciplinary actions, spoke out publicly, testified at Senate committees, and won many federal court cases against the Government of Canada.

paulmanlyPaul Manly of Manly Media is a Nanaimo-based filmmaker, researcher and community organizer who has been studying the effects of investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions in trade agreements for the past ten years.  ISDS provisions allow foreign corporations to sue governments in secretive tribunals for laws and policies that limit their profits, including health, safety, labour and environmental regulations and standards.

brendasayers-2Brenda Sayers is a Hupacasath First Nation member who led the fight against the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act.  Brenda earned a national reputation in the two-and-a-half year court battle to force Ottawa to overturn the contentious treaty.  It would allow China to sue Canada for any financial losses resulting from any environmental regulations enacted after FIPPA goes into law.

dirkbeckerDirk Becker of Transfarmation is a mid-island farmer, socio-political-environmental activist and local food advocate. He has run for civic and provincial government, is involved in many organizations including as a director of the Farmland Defense League of British Columbia. He is a founder of several organizations including the highly successful Bowen Road Farmers’ Market, Island Roots, and the Lantzville Farmers’ Market.

He and his partner, Nicole Shaw, yearly grow over 16,000 pounds of food on one acre, no-till, by hand, organically. They are also known for their 3.5 year legal battle in Lantzville in their efforts to decriminalize Urban Farming.

They now reside in Errington, on 15 acres where they recently planted over 70 fruit and nut trees and have fun herding their 150 ducks, chickens and geese.

Dirk is committed to life long learning and continues to shift his energy towards teaching young people how to grow food and self-sufficiency.


Eleanor White of Snuneymuxw First Nations

Itinerary – Apr 8th

9:30am – Shiv arrive at Pacific Gardens
10:00am? – Phil Harrison of Surrey-Langley-White Rock chapter arrive at Pacific Gardens
10:30am – Shiv to speak at VIU with Prof William’s Political Science class
Noon? – Either lunch at VIU or rest in room and early supper later
3:30pm? – Early supper at Lighthouse Bistro?
6:00pm – Event at Bowen Park Auditorium
9:00pm – Back to Pacific Gardens

Mar 29th Paul Manly on TPP – CHLY 101.7FM


CHLY-logoNotes from CHLY 101.7FM radio’s Suzanne Gregory on Changes and Marjorie Stewart’s interview with Paul Manly about the TPP and Shiv Chopra Tour event. It sounds like more and more people are really waking up to the huge scope of this bad TPP deal.

  1. Interpreting the TPP: a cunningly-crafted trade agreement designed by lawyers behind closed doors. 50% of the citizens don’t have an opinion on it, because they don’t know what it’s about.
  2. Paul Manly is participating in this speaking tour as a documentary film-maker.
  3. The TPP is not a ‘trade’ agreement; it is an agreement to protect corporations…and that’s where the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) comes in. Key terms: indirect expropriation. For example: Tobacco giant suing governments for wanting plain cigarette package wrapping.
  4. ISDS undermines government decisions by using their own tribunals and arbitrators. For example: the government of India lost to the US in their plans to work toward clean energy solutions.
  5. Privatization of public systems, such as water and waste water. Municipalities will not be able to favour local companies…and keep the money local.
  6. These are ‘benign’ corporations that we are addicted to their products every day. Hightower says the TPP is a corporate coup d’etat; a super-sized NAFTA.
  7. It’s also about paying corporations to NOT do something.
  8. Part of the TPP is about making the internet a policing service for copyright. Another part is corporate dominance in the area of prescription drugs…and their pressuring doctors to use only certain brands.
  9. BGH is injected into dairy cows causing extreme hormone disruption and torments them into producing more milk. They’re trying to put Canadians cows out of work…even the US sending milk solids for cheeses that can contain BGH…without labelling.
  10. Canada would be obligated to follow regulations by other countries, as controlled by corporations.
  11. The 40% of trade increase will NOT trickle down to the populace…it will take away a great deal from our economy…and our citizens.
  12. The only way the powers that be can win is to keep the people in the dark.
  13. Shopify CEO Lutke says the TPP is a BAD DEAL for his company.
  14. Send your message to decision-makers today: the TPP is not a good deal for Canada.

The podcast will be available soon here:

Feb 27 – Shawnigan Sacred Land & Water Event

Sacred Land & Sacred Waters

Saturday, February 27th  at 9am on Stebbings Road

Traditional Welcoming and Water Ceremony for Shawnigan Lake/Sooke Watersheds as Community Gathers to Stop Contaminated Soil Dumping

Join Ta’Kaiya Blaney, Canada’s youth ambassador to the United Nations, along with Pipe Carriers, Elders and CommUNITY voices who gather/stand in honour of the Lands and Water of our collective future.


NEB Kinder Morgan Protest Report

Together we can stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline


We were there on Jan 23rd at the Burnaby Delta Hotel to rally in protest regarding to the National Energy Board Hearings on the Trans Mountain/Kinder Morgan Pipeline.

new 2016 pictures 013

Maureen reports that they were happy to be together with people who take steps to be engaged in free speech about a flawed system of governance when it comes to deciding the merits and problems of oil pipelines.

She says, what is important to ‘everyone’ is the increased shipment of oil through the strait and what a spill will do to nature. There is climate change, too, serious to consider. Standing up in such a rally affirms a sense of right to have a personal conscience.

Meeting and/or just being with people from so many groups, to stand up and be counted, as well as being further educated, was really ‘cool’.

Maureen heard and saw several people who were there, from whom she’s received and read emails, or about blogs, news articles, Hansard* dialogue, about or from. She knows some of their issues and how they work for the sake of the environment, whether as First Nations. as writers, makers of trails through first forests, members of provincial or federal parliaments, ones who stand up for birds, animals, fish, for rescue or prevention of problems, keepers of ideas of equality and justice.

*Hansard – the official verbatim record of debates in the British, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand parliament.

Save Shawnigan Water Protest Report

From the Ground

Photos from yesterday’s protest at Shawnigan Lake and a reports from Lynne and John.

The event was well attended and peaceful, and very educational. The tour leaders were able to show us quite a lot of what’s wrong with the operation, apart from being in the wrong place.

During the protest trucks were stopped from continuing to the quarry and the dump site by the large gathering of people on the road…and snowmen.

The picture with a tanker on the top is where trucks presently are dumping toxic soil which is then mixed with fly ash, which creates concern for airborne contamination from the ash.

In the Media


Shawnigan Lake soil dumping protests attract hundreds on Vancouver Island

CHEK – with video

Hundreds protest Shawnigan Lake contaminated soil site, and politicians take helicopter tour of watershed


Rally decries Shawnigan Lake contaminated-soil landfill

Jan 6th 2016 – Stand Up For Shawnigan

Show Up & Show You Care to ‘Save Shawnigan Water’

Jan 6, 2016 from 9am to 3pm


Peaceful Protest & Media Event

This event is hosted by the ‘Save Shawnigan Water’ Community Action Group, and the MICOC is adding their ‘Super Supporter Power’ to this very dire situation. The dire factor being: this is the just the beginning of government permissions to dump contaminated soil near community watersheds.

save-shawnigan-waterThis protest will include some very vocal and optical components that focus both public and political attention on the devastating condition of the Shawnigan Lake Watershed caused by the dumping of contaminated soil at South Island Aggregates (SIA).

sia-shawniganYou are requested to Show Up & Show You Care, because this is just the beginning of this type of contaminated soil dumping on Vancouver Island. There will be experts and advisors from Shawnigan Basin Society and Shawnigan Residents Association on hand to answer questions about the SIA contaminated landfill. There will also be documentation handed out regarding the past and current actions being taken to protect this invaluable drinking water resource.


  • Dress warmly and wear good walking shoes
  • Park on only one side of the road
  • If the RCMP ask you to move, please comply peacefully
  • Don’t fly drones over the pit or higher than 100ft


Answering a Plea

Dec 3rd: A plea for help came to the Mid Island Council of Canadians with a link to When will it be enough? in regards to the Shawnigan Lake contaminated soil dumping issue.

“The toxic waste that is coming into our watershed is being barged over from Port Moody to Duke Point and trucked to Shawnigan.

If you could get the word out in Nanaimo that this is happening we would appreciate the support. This is so much more than a Nimby issue in one community.

This is about Vancouver Island becoming the province’s toxic dump. This is about the provincial government forcing their agenda, and their toxic waste, down our throats while they espouse their support for communities.

If they do it here, they’ll do it everywhere.”


The MICOC immediately contacted the group currently known to be active in the cause, which was Action Nanaimo and shared the information to shed more light on what was happening in the pre-dawn hours just 80 kilometres South of us.

Dec 9th: Gratitude from the front lines at Shawnigan Lake.


This thing just gets more ridiculous every day.

My wife was up at the site today and tells me that SIA workers are madly scrambling with tarps, sand bags and hand tools, whatever they can get their hands on to try and control the water pouring off the site.

Your group is another invaluable voice trying to get the minister to see sense.

I’m very grateful.”

This is the kind of activism that gets things done…and it’s surprisingly quite fun!

Dec 21-15 Citizens’ Solidarity Flotilla at Duke Point

One Port, Two Travesties! Solidarity Flotilla–For Walbran Valley Ancient Forests and Shawnigan Lake Water Rights !!!

Land and water protest! Canoes, kayaks, row-boats and paddle boards welcome!

Facebook Event Page


At Nanaimo’s ‘Dirty Port’ at Duke Point!

Nanaimo’s Duke Point is the port of entry for barged off-island contaminated soils bound for a hazardous dump site threatening the Shanwigan Lake residents’ water supply.

It is also the location from which Teal Jones booms and barges ancient forest logs from the plundered slopes of the Central Walbran valley and elsewhere on Vancouver island, to its mill in Surrey B.C.

Shawnigan residents and Walbran valley protectors have both recently been issued court orders enforcing destructive industrial activity for corporate profit, threatening island communities and ecosystems.

Join Shawnigan residents, ancient forest activists and fellow islanders in solidarity against these corporate travesties passing through the port of Nanaimo!

On this morning it is expected that Shawnigan residents and supporters will be challenging the trucks and their toxic cargo.

Get an early jump on the shortest day of the year.

Meet at Jackson Rd near Daholt at Duke Point ( look for the banners!!!) 7 am, December 21st, with banners, water, lunch, pfds– to take to the water or protest on land for healthy island communities and ancient forest ecosystems! Supporters are welcome to join land protests against the toxic soil trucks later in the day.

UPDATE: It appears that the Toxic Soil Barge is not coming Monday. Apparently they think it isn’t the best day. Gee, I wonder why??? Shawnigan/Walbran event is still occuring Monday morning, and people are encouraged to come out Tuesday morning as well. We surely wouldn’t want to miss the trucks!

Dec 16th Annual Jingle Mingle

2015 Mid-Island Jingle Mingle
Wednesday, Dec 16th at 6pm
Pacific Gardens Co-housing Community
347-7th Street, Nanaimo, BC

Our annual Christmas Party is always in lieu of our regular monthly meeting, but this time it will be on Wednesday, Dec 16th at 6pm, so mark those calendars well.

Also, we will be adding some wonderful voices to entertain and instill the holiday spirit in everyone.

Common-areas-2Be ready for some homey wholesome fun with some very bright and active people.

Simple Potluck

  • Bring food to feed 6-8 people is sufficient.
  • If you want to bring beer or wine or other, then please keep it for your own enjoyment and drink it in clearly recognizable beverage glasses.

Gift Options

  • Re-gift or buy new and spend maximum $5


One-Liner Gift Exchange

We are going to make this gifting experience even more fun by adding a jocular entertainment factor.

On arrival everyone gets a sequentially numbered piece of paper with a seasonal one-liner joke on it and when the time comes for the gift exchange they will read their joke and choose their gift from under the tree.

Special Guest Entertainment: BenJaxed

You are going to love the spirited talents of BenJaxed as they bring their Celtic and Christmas songs to further heighten the liveliness of the party.

Facebook Event Page:

Dec 15th Fractured Land at VIU

Fractured Land Film Screening
Tuesday, Dec 15th at 7pm – VIU Malaspina Theatre


MICOC is co-hosting this award-winning film that reveals what it is like to the be at the epicenter of some of the largest fracking operations on earth.

Caleb Behn
Caleb Behn

We will have a table prior to the film where you can get some printed material such as:

  • LNG in BC:Fracking Our Future
  • Myths Versus Realities:…Getting the Facts about Fracking
  • No Fracking Way
  • Fracking and Climate Change
  • Free Trade is Fracking with our Future
  • Don’t Frack with Our Water
  • Frack Free

The evening will also feature a Q&A with filmmaker Damien Gillis.


Facebook Event Page: