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Solidarity with the Elsipogtog First Nation


On October 19th a solidarity march was held – from Swylana lagoon to Nanaimo RCMP headquarters – in support of the Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick and their struggle against fracking within their traditional territory. The march corresponded with the global frackdown which saw more than 200 anti-fracking protests in 25 countries. Fracking is a process of fracturing shale formations to free up and extract natural gas. The process involves the use of a mix of chemicals, the full list of which are corporate secrets and some that are known carcinogens. Fracking has contaminated aquifers and water systems all over the world and there are thousands of cases of tap water which becomes flammable and un-drinkable. For more information about the Council Of Canadians anti-fracking campaign visit:

We Stand Together

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
12:30pm @ MP James Lunny’s office
6-6894 Island Highway, North Nanaimo

Idle No More, the Council of Canadians and Common Causes – Solidarity rally to support the Hupacasath First Nation as they begin the first day of their court challenge against the Canada-China FIPA (Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement).

The Harper Conservative government signed this ‘corporate rights’ agreement without any notice or consultation with First Nations or the Canadian public. This is a violation of Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution. This ‘corporate rights’ agreement will allow corporations to sue governments for the loss of ‘potential profits’ when governments pass laws, measures or policies that protect the public interest or the environment but which restrict corporations.

Please join Idle No More, the Council of Canadians and Common Causes in solidarity with the Hupacasath First Nation as they take on this fight for all Canadians.