Choose Your Country & Go Vote Banner Rally

On October 9th for one hour from 4:30-5:30 the Harper or Canada? Initiative will join in concert with the Council of Canadians Go Vote! Drive to bring attention to the need for people to be active and prepared for the most important election in Canadian history.


Our ‘Spokes Car’ Flower will be at Pearson Bridge in full blossom and we will be handing out the CoC Voter’s Guide 2015 to all who stop by.


Come and join this high-vibe movement by smiling and waving at motorists along side us and put a bounce in your step by Choosing Canada.



Pearson Bridge/Comox intersection is where you want to be tomorrow Oct 9th at 4:30 and if it’s not on your route, take a detour, so you can honk, wave, thumbs up and smile for us.