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Canadian Biotechnology Action Network
 To promote food sovereignty and democratic decision-making on science and technology issues in order to protect the integrity of the environment, health, food, and the livelihoods of people in Canada and around the world by facilitating, informing and organizing civil society action, researching, and providing information to government for policy development.


GE Free BC
Our Vision Statement:
GE-Free BC envisions a food-sovereign Canada where no Genetically Engineered life forms are created, patented, approved, bought, sold or traded. Where Canada is a leader in safe and sustainable agriculture and is known as a GE-Free Nation. Where Canada actively secures international agreements that preserve regional bio-diversity and promote food sovereignty. Where community based farmers have the right and ability to farm and save seed from year to year. This vision is aimed to protect the health and sustainability of communities, animals and ecosystems.


DOWNLOAD our print-at-home GM information flyer for distributing in your area. [PDF file 1.7MB]

GM Flyer example