Occupy Love – Film Review

by Diane Babcock

When Velcrow Ripper asked the question, “How can a crisis on the planet become a love story?”, he was amazed at the answer and you will be, too. Thank you all who attended this awesome showing and supported this global cause.

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Occupy Love takes a closer look at the relationship dynamic and reveals a pattern in the connection between crisis and love as an evolutionary process of the heart. It seems there is first a yearning and separation followed by a coming together, only this time it’s between humanity and nature.

He learned that human suffering can cause an ‘awakening’ and when enough people are awakened they can start a revolution – like the occupy movement. Since the first Occupy Wall Street, millions have been rousted out of a deep sleep by the piercing trill of awareness that we are being enslaved by 1% of the population.

It was a loud and clear message calling all of us to take action in the face of our climate crisis and its link to our economic crisis. Also, we need to make the shift from a hierarchal to a lateral system and stop doling to the 1% when there is more than enough for the 100%.

Revolt-600x425The occupy movement is about everyone loving the same thing: a peaceful activism that involves forming connections and coming together. In this case it is that we love our world and reject the way the dominant system of power is failing to provide for that world on every level.

It is through this collective mindset we now have the basis of an empathic civilization and from here we can overcome our challenges with climate change, sustainable energy resources and economic paradigms. Much like the murmuration of the starlings, we can break through these crises with the strength of our united vision until all are awakened from the egoist nightmare.

Velcrow found his answer in the end: the revolution of the heart is the greatest of all love stories, even with its messy imperfections. As we evolve in our love for our earth our hearts will keep breaking until more of us pick up the phone and take that call from Mother Nature. Br-r-ing, br-r-ing.